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Who is selecting the wines at The Wine Company?

We are a team of five wine purchasers. Every purchaser is responsible for a number of wine regions and he or she select wines out of these regions. But how do we select and find the best wines for our customers? Generally said, there are much more poor wines than great wines on the market. The poor ones (and there are more than you might expect) are quite easy to find. But to find the great ones that offer good value for money is like looking for a needle in a bundle of hay.

One way to find the wines is to visit wine fairs, such as Vinexpo in Bordeaux, Alimentaria in Barcelona or Prowein in Düsseldorf. Fairs give us a good overview of what is offered in the market. Tasting many wines and nurturing ties with wineries are also ways to find the great wines. When we find a wine that could be interesting for us, we ask the winery to supply us with some samples. Then, the team of all purchasers re-test the wines to decide if the wine could be added to our assortment.

Another way to find the good and premium wines is of course to visit the wine regions, the wineries and face-to-face meet the wine makers and owners of the wineries. It happens that we also then find those ”under the counter wines”. In other word, that is the moment we wine buyers seek for: finding a good value for money wine that we would recommend, without a doubt, to our friends…

Johannes Merwald at The Wine Company

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